Check Out Tim Allen Dressed As Donald Trump For Last Man Standing's Halloween Episode

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is currently giving Saturday Night Live a breath of high-rated fresh air in one of the stuffiest election seasons in history, and you'll soon be able to see another television veteran donning a blonde wig and American flag pin. It's Tim Allen, and we probably shouldn't expect quite as much satire to come from this form of The Donald, as it's part of the upcoming Halloween episode for Season 6 of Allen's ABC sitcom Last Man Standing.

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You know, if you just remove the "Donald Trump-ness" from it all, I'm kind of impressed by how Tim Allen looks as a blonde man. Although he seems like he'd be more comfortable wearing swim trunks and conch shell necklaces over a suit and tie. Surfer Tim Allen for POTUS, anyone?

The Last Man Standing episode, titled "Trick or Treat," will center on Tim Allen's Mike Baxter pulling quite a trick on his family members. When tasked with coming up with the year's costume theme, he gets everyone in the family to dress up like one another in the hopes that everyone will start making fun of each other and thus not be as excited about Halloween festivities. You may be noting that no one in the Baxter family looks like Donald Trump, and it turns out this costume switcheroo was another trick Mike had up his sleeve.

We can probably expect a few barbed jokes to come out of the episode, and they'll likely come at the expense of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (and maybe Mike, too). But you can't make fun of Tim Allen in costume, though, because he's a basket of dapperness.

More images from the Last Man Standing episode can be found at THR, where you'll find that Mike isn't the only person with the idea to dress up as the Republican candidate. Jonathan Adams' Chuck also got decked out in a suit and bright tie, complete with faux hair, for the episode. He doesn't look half-bad himself, especially when compared to the majority of the Baxter family.

Donald Trump has been a headline-maker for a long time now, even more so recently thanks to a leaked conversation with Billy Bush. And TV shows have been all about using Trump for plot fodder, even when the shows aren't on the air anymore. The final debate between Trump and Clinton is tonight, and it won't be much longer before it's known whether or not he'll be leading our country or not. But more importantly, Tim Allen!

Last Man Standing airs Friday nights on ABC, and the episode in question will air on Friday, October 21. Just two days, people! (Depending on how the election goes, we might get to see the costume return in the future.) To see what else will hit your televisions during and after the Halloween season, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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