Will And Grace Came Back For Ten Minutes, And It's Like It Never Left

The cast from Will & Grace recently gave the show the kind of social media frenzy that couldn't happen much when the show was still on the air. By posting excellent pictures and other things, the actors gave rise to the hopes that a full-blown Will & Grace reunion was on the way, and those hopes have been answered, sort of. Below you'll find a brand new 10-minute scene from Will & Grace that hits upon some particularly topical subject matter, the election, and it's like it never left. Check it out, and be warned that it's mildly NSFW.

There are many reasons why the cast for a popular TV show will agree to return to that show's universe, but it usually involves a lot of money resulting from a network ordering up a new season. Will & Grace's Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes chose to make their reprisals for a "Vote Honey" political statement, or rather a bunch of political statements, many of which were quite hilarious. It's not coincidental in the least that this new "scene" was released to coincide with the night of the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The overwhelming tone of the scene is undeniably pro-Clinton, and does get kind of preachy when Grace is trying to convince Jack to vote for her. For the most part, though, the touchy subject matter is handled with the proper tone and delivery that one would expect from this bunch, and there's no immediately discernable difference between this and a random scene from a repeat on cable. Plus, it makes perfect sense to have Karen representing Trump, since her life offered up the biggest connections.

Honestly, the jokes that worked the best were the ones that had nothing to do with the election, since most of those were just direct references. (Such as Rosario's "basket of deplorables" comment in the end.) I'm a sucker for a meta joke, and they don't get much better than Jack commenting that the food in the fridge looking like it's been in there for 10 years. Plus, we got a callback to "Just Jack," only with Messing doing the face-framing.

will and grace reunion

Sadly, this is the part where I'd love to say that Will & Grace will be back on our TVs at some point soon, but unless this reunion stoked the flames for all involved to get behind a similar return in some other format, we might just have this for another ten years. In the meantime, lots of other shows are hitting the airwaves and many of them might be as funny as the former NBC hit. Check them all out in our fall premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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