With as many fans as The Walking Dead has amassed over the years, it's no surprise that some of them take their enjoyment of the show and its actors more seriously than others, which leads to some...special encounters and requests. Actress Brighton Sharbino, whose Lizzie Samuels was one half of the show's most controversial scene, apparently deals with a particularly macabre subsection of the fanbase. Here are some things she has to deal with as a former Walking Dead star.

People will come up and have me pretend to suffocate their baby for a picture. And someone licked my hand. No one prepares you for what to do when someone licks your hand.

Brighton Sharbino, who shared this answer for EW's The Ultimate Guide to The Walking Dead, seems to have it all wrong. I don't think anyone is prepared for handling a situation where you're meant to pretend to smother an infant, whether it's for a picture or some other unsettling occasion. I can deal with someone coming up to me and licking my hand. Dogs do that kind of thing. (Friendly ones, anyway.) But eesh on the baby-smothering.

It's all the more strange to me with Sharbino still only being 14 years old. I guess if stabbing one's sister and being shot in the back of the head on a TV show don't desensitize you, the fans will. Though she didn't mention it, she almost definitely gets plagued by people telling her to "look at the flowers." I'd imagine she hears that more than she hears the word "hello."

For another weird and gross fan story, next up is actor Josh McDermitt.

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