Chris Pratt Is Heading Back To TV And The Role Is Perfect

Before Chris Pratt hit it big in blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy, he was charming up your TV screen as the lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. Now the actor is returning to the small screen for a guest star appearance on pretty much the perfect show for such a situation: CBS' Mom. What makes this so special is that Pratt will appear alongside his real world wife and Mom star Anna Faris.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop and they reveal that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris will share the screen once again in Mom. Pratt will guest star on an episode expected to air in early 2017. The Star-Lord actor will reportedly play Nick, a horseback riding instructor who catches the eye of Christy (Anna Farris). The problem is that he's the nephew of Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) and she's declared him off-limits from romantic pursuits of any kind. Obviously, Christy's not going to listen, because you can't dangle a beefcake like that in front of a woman and NOT have her hit on him.

Mom, Chris Pratt

It's surprising that Mom hasn't managed to get this to happen sooner, but Chris Pratt is a busy man. He's been filming sequels to some of his biggest roles like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Jurassic World 2, not to mention his recent stint as a gambling cowboy in The Magnificient Seven and the lead opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the sci-fi flick, Passengers. Lucky for us, Pratt has found time in his schedule to film a role in the comparatively smaller Mom. Of course, it probably helps a lot that his wife is one of the lead characters on the show; that would certainly be an incentive for many movie stars.

This won't be the first time that the husband and wife duo have appeared on screen together. Chris Pratt played one of Anna Faris' love interests in the romantic comedy What's Your Number?, an okay film from 2011 that also coincidentally stars other MCU headliners Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. In that same year they also appeared in Take Me Home Tonight, a Topher Grace-led comedy. Faris and Pratt played an engaged couple, with Faris' character beginning to doubt their picture perfect relationship. Finally, they both appeared in 2013's Movie 43, which was essentially a series of comedy sketches with over the top raunchy humor featuring tons of different actors and directors. Pratt and Faris once again played a couple, with Faris' character wanting Pratt's boyfriend to take a poop on her. That's the joke.

Chris Pratt will appear on Mom sometime in early 2017, but you can regularly watch the show when it premieres on Thursday, October 27 on CBS at 9 PM.

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