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Mom Is Making Allison Janney's Bonnie A Lot Happier In Season 4, Here's How

If you were hoping that something would finally go right for Bonnie (Allison Janney) on Mom, Season 4 might just be for you. In a move that's bound to make her a much happier woman, Bonnie's boyfriend is going to be around a lot more, now, as actor William Fichtner has been upped to series regular.

According to a report from TVLine, William Fichtner has recently been made a regular cast member on Mom, with the actor continuing his role of Adam Janakowski, Bonnie's boyfriend. Bonnie and Adam met over the phone after he dialed her number mistakenly. When the conversation turned flirtatious they become quick friends and eventually decide to meet. He's a wheelchair-bound former stunt man, who was last seen heading off to Croatia for a job as a stunt coordinator on a new movie. Even though the two had only been casually dating for a short time when Adam leaves for his new job, his absence causes Bonnie to choke down her sorrow by binge eating.

Even if you don't recognize the name, William Fichtner should be a familiar face to anyone who enjoys TV and movies. Since his television debut on the soap opera As the World Turns in 1987, he's racked up an impressive list of 74 film and TV credits, many in well-known and loved properties over almost 30 years. He's probably best known for his work on Prison Break and Entourage, along with his roles in the films Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, but he's also appeared in Baywatch, Grace Under Fire, Strange Days, The Perfect Storm, Black Hawk Down, Crash, The Dark Knight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Empire.

Everything hasn't been smooth sailing from the get-go for Adam and Bonnie, despite the quickness of their attraction to one another. When they first decide to take their relationship from the phone into actual meetings, Bonnie shows up to their first official date only for Adam to lose his nerve and disappear before they have a chance to talk. When Bonnie gives Adam another shot and they go out to dinner, he explains that he didn't want to suddenly be confronted with her being disappointed that he's in a wheelchair. But, after they make amends and commit to dating, Adam makes the mistake of belittling Bonnie's experience with Alcoholics Anonymous, which leads her to show him how she ruined her daughter's wedding reception with drunken antics that led to Bonnie getting a broken nose and her getting arrested (in the reception hall, no less).

Bonnie and Adam have an easy-going, sarcastic rapport punctuated with some real emotion and love for one another, so it'll be nice to see that relationship continue to grow in the new season. It's also good to know that the couple was able to keep things going in spite of the very long distance nature the relationship had to take over the course of several months while Adam was away working. We'll be able to see more of Adam and Bonnie when Season 4 of Mom starts on October 27 on CBS.

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