Spoiler warning for anyone not yet caught up with The Walking Dead, up to and through the Season 7 premiere.

If there was ever a list meant to have a soulful rendition of Drowning Pool's "Bodies" as its soundtrack, it would be this. Over six seasons and then some, The Walking Dead has been the source for many a fan's emotional breakdown following the often shocking death of a character, some beloved and others not quite so well-known. Gather up those mental tissues, because here are all the saddest deaths the zombie drama has hit viewers with at this point.

13. Axel

When leafing through the plethora of Walking Dead deaths, one has to draw the "sadness" line somewhere, and for me that line starts with Axel, the West Georgia Correctional inmate whose good ol' boy attitude made him instantly likable for his Season 3 stint. Arguably his best scene was also his last, as great bonding moment shared by him and Carol - one that hinted at more heartwarming things developing - ended with him getting a bullet through the head from The Governor. Proof that the post-apocalyptic world truly is random, or merely a pointed swipe at our heartstrings? Axel would have had an anecdote to tell about it.

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