Jensen Ackles Got Ahold Of Negan's Lucille, And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants It Back

Fathers don't just love their children every now and then - at least, according to that George Straight song - and you can bet Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has a lot of love for Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, as Morgan played his father John Winchester on the long-running CW series. But now that the elder actor is over on The Walking Dead bashing heads as the villainous Negan, Ackles found the perfect way to humorously troll his former co-star: by taking Negan's beloved bat Lucille.

Here's how Morgan reacted.

How fabulous is it that we live in an age where two fan-favorite actors can humorously reflect on both their present and past jobs through pop culture props? And that anyone who wants to watch it happen is just a couple of clicks away? (Don't forget to click Jansen Ackles' message to see him holding Lucille.)These are magical times, people! Well, not for Rick and all of his still-surviving group members on The Walking Dead, but for the rest of us.

In his tweet, Jensen Ackles isn't really in character, although Supernatural fans could think of quite a few things Dean Winchester can do with such a weapon. But even though he's just goofily riffing, Jeffrey Dean Morgan proves that he is potentially always in character even when there are't any cameras rolling. (Okay, so he calls Ackles "J." and immediately ruins it, but I am allowed to dream whatever I want!) And it sounds like Johnegan Winchester - the natural combination of the two names - isn't above bringing up some dark times in order to get his weapon back from Ackles. Poor ol' dad.

Can I admit how curious I am to know where Ackles got that bat? Was it a toy/prop that he purchased specifically to make such a social media joke? Or did he just happen to have a baseball bat and a section of barb wire handy? Somebody try and get a GPS location on this image to see if it was taken in Pee Pee Pants City, because that could mean trouble.

I quite love this random user's response, too, which manages to rope in a once-removed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reference.

Now, all we need is for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Robert Kirkman and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke to craft a full-on prequel crossover that sees pre-apocalypse Negan as a war veteran who also serves as a vessel for otherworldly entities. That's or just get John back on Supernatural somehow. Whatever is easier.

The Walking Dead will bring a cleaner version of Lucille back out for audiences when Season 7 continues on AMC on Sunday nights. On the flip side, Jensen Ackles and co-star Jared Padalecki currently have their hands full with a new version of Lucifer in the form of Rick Springfield, and you can watch that play out when Supernatural airs on Thursday nights on The CW.

Nick Venable
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