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Even though she just released her new album, Joanne, Lady Gaga isn't slowing down anytime soon. Having already dipped her toes into acting in American Horror Story: Hotel and Roanoke, the triple threat will continue her good relationship with super producer Ryan Murphy by appearing in the third season of American Crime Story. The casting is pretty spot on because Gaga will play the legendary couture designer Donatella Versace.

According to US Weekly, Lady Gaga is being tapped to play Donatella Versace in the third season of American Crime Story. The third season of the Emmy-winning show will tackle the murder of Donatella's brother, Gianni Versace, by the serial killer Andrew Cunanan on the steps of his Miami Beach home. While no casting deals have been officially reached, US Weekly's sources say that Gaga is all in for the role.

American Crime Story

You may be wondering "wait, Season 3? Did I already miss Season 2?" Nope! Season 2 of American Crime Story will focus on Hurricane Katrina and is aiming to film alongside Season 3 in early 2017. One would imagine that after the huge response to The Trial of O.J. Simpson, FX is working to get the ball rolling on future seasons and must already have good faith in the story.

Lady Gaga's involvement in the third season was actually teased by Ryan Murphy at Entertainment Weekly's Popfest in late October. After the panel moderator said that Gaga would make "a perfect Donatella," Murphy gave a sly grin and replied, "Ya think?"

It shouldn't be too difficult for Gaga to get into character; she and Donatella Versace are actually good friends. Lady Gaga worked on an ad campaign for Versace's fashion label in 2014 and Gaga even has a song titled "Donatella" on her 2013 album, Artpop.

This will only be the latest project that Gaga has worked on with Ryan Murphy. She starred in the fifth season of American Horror Story as an 111-year-old vampire who runs a haunted hotel. The singer also has a role in American Horror Story: Roanoke as the creepy Witch of the Wood in the filmed documentary portions of the unique season. Murphy also dedicated two episodes of his hit Fox show Glee to the performer, heavily featuring her songs and styles.

This is turning out to be a pretty banner year for Lady Gaga. Not only is her new album Joanne getting some good critical praise, but she's also gearing up to perform the halftime show at the 2017 Super Bowl. She's also making the jump to film and starring in the remake of A Star is Born alongside Bradley Cooper. It looks like everything is coming up Gaga.

No release date is currently announced for the third season of American Crime Story, but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as it becomes available.

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