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1. Noah

This is the crown jewel that exemplifies the ghastly distance Greg Nicotero and his effects team will go to maximize a familiar character's death on The Walking Dead. After having directly-but-indirectly brought Tyreese to his doom, Noah met his own maker in the most gasp-worthy way: swarmed by walkers that bit and tore him open from behind, with that agonizing money shot of Noah's cheek being stripped away, widening his screaming maw to nightmarish widths. Making it even better/worse is that this annihilation happened as Noah is smooshed against a revolving door's glass pane, putting it on full display. It's almost as if Glenn was, like us, watching Noah's death occurring on a TV screen. I'm glad nobody was around to have to clean all that Noah up off of the floor.

The Walking Dead, which undoubtedly has many more stomach-turning deaths to show us in the future, airs Sunday nights on AMC. Now you can have dinner without the thought of Dale's small intestine flopping around in it. Bon appetit!

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