Spoiler warning for anyone not yet caught up on The Walking Dead.

Last week, The Walking Dead viewers got to watch the live-action universe open up a bit with a trip to The Kingdom to visit King Ezekiel and his optimistic community. This week, the sunshine and fruit gifts gave way to physical beatings and terrible dinner plans, and we got our first look at The Sanctuary, another major location from the source material that offered up a wholly different slice of post-apocalyptic living. This first visit was an intimidating one, to say the least, and there's no better time to look back at the comics have told us about The Sanctuary and the Saviors within.

The Sanctuary Is Negan's Home

Negan is a villain with a personality as big as life, and so it makes sense that he would take refuge in the kind of shelter that is also extremely daunting and intimidating. The Walking Dead's TV universe was pretty faithful in bringing The Sanctuary to life. It's basically a big factory, which offers up plenty of interior space for the tyrannical leader and his flock to survive, and the exterior is surrounded by not only a big fence, but a wall of still-hungry walkers held up by stakes, sticks and chains. This barrier is not only for protection, but many of those suspended walkers were people that crossed Negan and the Saviors, so it's more of Negan's mind control games.

Food is being grown by the Saviors on the property, and they've always good supplies coming in from other communities, so Negan is mostly free to come and go as he pleases. And his presence rarely means anything good for those in his vicinity. I bet when Saviors set up outposts, they are just begging to leave The Sanctuary for a while.

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