Since his days as a titular half of the TLC hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin has had a rough go at life, which is putting it mildly. Things have been looking up in many ways, though not when it comes to certain members of his family, and Gosselin has come out claiming he doesn't know where one of his kids even is at this point, and it sounds like no one will tell him. Here's what he had to say about he and Kate's 12-year-old son Collin.

No one knows where he is. I don't even know. I have an idea where he is but I don't really know where he is. Kate says that Collin is in a special school for special needs kids with behavioral problems.

Jon Gosselin then went on to say to Entertainment Tonight that law enforcement officials told him this wasn't the case, and that Collin's siblings also haven't been in touch with them and don't know where he is, which all makes for a strange situation indeed. It wasn't that long ago that Gosselin had come out saying how rarely he sees his kids, and that he hadn't seen Collin in two years. And there have been other reports about soured relationships between the father and his children, so it all seems to add up. But...


A few months ago, Kate Gosselin went public with the news that she had put Collin into a special needs school for his behavioral problems. And she also told People that the rest of her kids knew he was there and that they all missed him very much. There's definitely a communication breakdown happening, and John Gosselin was not hesitant to point fingers.

Gosselin said that his ex-wife "doesn't answer any of my texts" and says that she won't tell him where Collin is even when he asks her outright. During the interview, he took his phone out and allegedly texted Kate to ask, just to prove how she wouldn't respond. He says she took Collin out of the private school he went to without contacting Jon about it, and he says his next step is going to take her to court so that a judge can make her tell him where Collin really is. Interviews with national media outlets aren't usually a part of people's custody battles, so it's hard to tell where things will go from here.

Kate Plus 8 will return to TLC for Season 5's season premiere on Tuesday, November 22, at 10:02 p.m. ET. (It's actually a 10-year reunion special.) To see what else is coming to the small screen, check out our fall premiere guide and our midseason debut schedule.

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