Watch Diggle's Priceless First Reaction To Supergirl In New DC Crossover Video

One of the benefits of being in a shared universe is getting to occasionally unite all of your players for one big crossover event. The CW Arrow-verse is doing its third annual crossover and it has more players than ever before with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow added to the mix. With blonde aliens and time travelers running around, things are getting pretty fantastical, which may be more than every-man John Diggle can handle. Check out Diggle's pitch-perfect reaction to meeting Supergirl for the first time.

In the above clip, Supergirl is brought onto Earth-1 by the Flash and Cisco and finally introduced to the rest of the Arrow-verse. The team was expecting Barry to bring another alien who can help them fight the Dominator invasion, not some girl in a cape who looks totally human. This leads Kara to demonstrate her impressive abilities of flight and heat vision, doing at least enough to convince Diggle.

Fans are well aware that Diggle is typically pretty flabbergasted by the abilities of metahumans, such as when he first saw Barry run at super speed. This is a man whose acceptance of the strange used to begin and end with a dude who's good at archery, so he can be forgiven for being stunned by super powers. Since he met the Flash, Diggle has encountered all sorts of super beings like giant shark men and magical powers, so his meeting an alien is just another Wednesday for him.

Diggle actor David Ramsey has been teasing how his character will react to the presence of aliens for a while now. When he met the Flash in the very first crossover, he threw his french fries into the air in shock, so Ramsey felt that he'd need to go even bigger for Supergirl. Ramsey decided that Diggle, when confronted with the confirmation of life on other worlds, could "maybe pee just a little bit."

So, in that clip, know that Diggle probably peed himself. Not a lot, because he's a tough guy, but enough.

The four-part crossover will begin at the tail end of Supergirl when she's recruited by the Flash to help fight the Dominators -- an alien race with mind control abilities who have become fearful of the metahumans of Earth. Supergirl, Team Arrow, Team Flash, and the Legends are Earth's first and only defense from the alien invasion. The crossover is undoubtedly the most ambitious in recent TV history and we're waiting to see if Greg Berlanti and his team will be able to pull it off.

The crossover begins with the airing of a new episode of Supergirl on November 28 and continues every night through Thursday. Stay tuned for more Arrow-verse goodness on CinemaBlend.

Matt Wood

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