First Look At Laurel Lance's Return To Arrow Will Make Olicity Fans Want To Scream

It's hard to believe, but the big Invasion Crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow is less than two weeks away, and the CW is letting us know it by pulling out all the stops promoting it. In addition to this widely ambitious treat, Arrow has its own reason to celebrate: it's about to have its 100th episode, which happens to coincide with the crossover. Just about every character in the Arrow-verse will be there, and that includes Laurel Lance. Check out some of the first Olicity-offending photos from the episode, which teases quite the reunion.

laurel oliver wedding arrow

Sorry Olicity fans, but Oliver may regret breaking up with Laurel more than Felicity. This image of Laurel in a wedding dress is no doubt confusing, considering that Laurel died last season with no chance of coming back to life. To understand this, we have to turn to the 100th episode's official plot synopsis which clarifies that Oliver "wakes up to a life where he never got on The Queen's Gambit," with Katie Cassidy returning as Laurel to play his soon-to-be bride. Sounds like Oliver is in some kind of fantasy world, and though it's obvious who he's meant to spend his life with there, how he arrived is a mystery. Maybe the next picture can clear that up.

laurel sara arrow crossover

Not really. That's Laurel and her sister Sara preparing for the wedding., and aside from visually confirming that Caity Lotz will be appearing on Arrow again, there's not too much to specifically learn from this. Currently part of the time-traveling Legends of Tomorrow crew, Sara technically could have used the Waverider to get back to this point for more time with her sister. Speaking of the Legends, another one of that team will also be around in this other-world.

ray palmer felicity arrow crossover

That's clearly Ray Palmer and Felicity in what looks like a pretty loving embrace. The characters used to date back in Arrow Season 3, before Felicity broke up with Ray for Oliver and Ray joined Legends of Tomorrow. Judging by their fancy clothes, they are probably guests at Oliver and Laurel's wedding, meaning that they are likely still together in this alternate reality.

As for specifically how Oliver is experiencing any of this, the answer might lie in the crossover side of the episode. Green Arrow and the gang will be fighting the Dominators, an alien race with mind control abilities. It's very possible that they use said abilities to trap Oliver in a blissful world of his own creation in order to take him off the board, which would be a pretty clever setup for the 100th episode in that it allows for several characters -- alive or dead -- to appear for Arrow's milestone achievement. Supergirl did use that element already for Kara's trip back to Krypton, but no one said it can't be done again. Or maybe we can just blame it on Barry and Flashpoint.

The Invasion Crossover begins on November 28 with Supergirl, while we can see the events of Arrow's 100th episode play out on Wednesday, November 30, with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow rounding it out on Tuesday night and Thursday night, respectively.

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