Check Out The Hilarious Frozen Easter Egg You Probably Missed In The Flash

Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of The Flash. Feel free to head over to one of our other awesome articles if you haven't caught up yet.

Easter Eggs in comic book related TV show and movies are nothing new, but it's rare that those Easter Eggs reference non-comic properties. Well, leave it to The Flash, and director Kevin Smith, to break the mold with a nod to Disney's Frozen in the latest episode. Tuesday's episode was titled "Killer Frost," so there were plenty of opportunities to bring something like Frozen into play, and here is the hilarious way that those behind the newest episode chose to do it.

That, in case you're having trouble seeing it, is a truck with the company name "Ledded Goh" written on the side. HA! Get it? Ledded Goh as in "Let It Go," the super popular song from Frozen that dominated the public consciousness for months upon months after the movie was released. Pretty clever, huh? That scene came right after Caitlin, who'd temporarily gone all Killer Frost bad after helping Barry get out of Savitar's grasp, kidnapped Julian and took him to a frozen food plant to have him track down Alchemy's followers.

Leave it to episode director Kevin Smith, who also helmed an episode of The Flash last season titled "The Runaway Dinosaur," to come up with such a perfectly funny idea for working Frozen into "Killer Frost." By now, most of his fans know that Smith is a deeply loyal comic book fan, especially where DC comes into play. But, now we know that he's not so wrapped up in comic book happenings that he doesn't pay attention to other pop culture touchstones. Of course, since the main focus of this episode was Caitlin descending into evil power-over-cold-stuff metahuman territory, this afforded Smith the perfect opportunity to get a Frozen Easter Egg into the show.

And, choosing "Let It Go" as the Easter Egg was pretty perfect, too. The song from the 2013 movie became an instant hit upon Frozen's release. In the movie, the song was sung by the character Elsa, who had the power to control ice and snow. She launches into the performance, which was voiced by Idina Menzel, after her powers are discovered by the public and she takes off for the mountains, realizing that she doesn't have to hide what she can do if she stays up there by herself. Really, that's kind of fitting for Caitlin, seeing as how her powers were revealed last week, and she briefly abandoned the power-controlling cuffs that Cisco designed to help Barry. And, then, of course, she kept those cuffs off when she decided to go after Alchemy in the hopes that he would take her powers away.

Well, by the end of "Killer Frost" Caitlin had put those anti-metahuman cuffs back on, so there probably won't be too many more instances where we could have Frozen Easter Eggs in The Flash. Thank goodness we had Kevin Smith to direct this episode, or we may not have gotten the cool Easter Egg that we did. You can catch up with The Flash Tuesdays on The CW.

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