The Flash Teases A Major Character Change In New Pictures

Some photos from the next episode of The Flash were released today, and, boy, does it ever look like one character might be getting some major changes soon. Big Bad Alchemy is back on the scene, and he seems to have taken an interest in one Wally West for the upcoming episode. Take a look.

Uh oh. The Flash released this, and other photos from the new episode today, and, as you can see, Alchemy and Wally seem to be having a deep heart to heart talk in the picture, complete with bowing supplicants in hooded robes surrounding them on the floor. Creepy, right? So, how did Wally end up with Alchemy in the first place? We don't know the answer to that right now (My future reading powers have been on the fritz for weeks. Damn Flashpoint!), but it's a pretty safe bet to guess that he probably comes across Alchemy in his spooky hideout in one of two ways: either Wally's been kidnapped, or he seeks Alchemy out on purpose.

I know what you're thinking, "Why in all the hells would Wally go looking for a bad guy like Alchemy, and on his own, no less?" Well, if you'll recall, Wally had powers in the Flashpoint timeline, and those powers were then taken away when Barry attempted to reset things. Wally is in a snit over Jesse having powers from when the two of them got stuck in that speed force-filled energy blast last season, to the point where the well meaning lunatic tried to jump start speed abilities by running into traffic a couple of weeks ago. And, we also know that Alchemy somehow has the ability to give people in this timeline the same powers that they had during Flashpoint. So, if Wally got desperate enough, he could seek out Alchemy hoping for his Flashpoint powers to be restored to him. You can bet your Flash Underoos that there would surely be some bad news in store for anyone who owed Alchemy a favor, too.

We have another picture from the episode, and I think we will all know what this looks like:

I know, right? If that doesn't look like someone doing something magic and possibly evil I don't know what pose does look like someone doing something magic and possibly evil. Really, this would be the worst way for Wally to get his speed. Sure, he would do good things with it, but only as long as Alchemy doesn't have some kind of hold over him once his speed is restored. And even if Alchemy can't control Wally, he'd probably never be able to live down the fact that he played right into a supervillain's hands and maybe even inadvertently helped with his grand scheme. You can't get something as major as superpowers for nothing, Wally.

You can see how things shake out with Wally and Alchemy when The Flash continues on November 15 at 8 p.m. EST. Head on over to the next page to see a promo for the episode.

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