The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Is Working On An Unexpected New TV Show

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Currently in his tenth year playing primetime's resident anal retentive genius Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons has always kept busy with projects outside of CBS, but usually just in front of the camera. Thanks to Parsons' That's Wonderful Productions, founded with his work partner/life partner Todd Spiewak, that'll be changing soon. The duo's latest project gaining headway is the intriguing comedy The Monarchy Is Going to Sh*t, which has found a potential home at Freeform. Let's all enjoy reading the name of the show loudly in a public place.

Jim Parsons will be working with Freeform in developing The Monarchy Is Going to Sh*t, which is still in its earliest days. The project landed a script commitment at the network, and should it go forward all the way to series, it will transport viewers to the...wait for it...Monarchy of Andova. The thrust of the comedy would center around everything going haywire whenever it's discovered that Andova's king has an illegitimate son. This life reveal hits the king's daughter the hardest, as she has spent her entire life awaiting the day when she would take over as the country's first reigning queen, only to see it taken away once this new rightful heir to the throne has been recognized. That's some family problems right there. Know what I mean, Sheldon?

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According to THR, writing duties will be handled by Amy Reed, who will be co-executive producing along with Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak. One assumes that Freeform has high hopes for the comedy, even though its first step toward bringing it to audiences wasn't all that big. The network's post-name change slate of originals hasn't been impressive on the ratings front, and when even the more anticipated projects are getting delayed, good news needs to come soon. And I'd love to be able to say that The Monarchy Is Going to Sh*t will be just that kind of news.

Due to contract negotiations and other potential outlying factors, The Big Bang Theory has yet to be rewarded for its dependably high ratings with a renewal for Season 11. Regardless of how that goes, Jim Parsons has the inspirational drama Hidden Figures on the way, and he recently signed on to play BuzzFeed writer Matt Stopera for the Internet-driven true story Brother Orange, which will also be co-produced by That's Wonderful. Parsons and Todd Spiewak's company also recently moved forward with the comedy Lakeside VA, which landed a put pilot order at ABC, as well as the novel adaptation drama The Terranauts, which is being set up at The CW.

We will keep our ear to the castle's walls to see if we can hear anything else about The Monarchy Is Going to Sh*t in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS, and to see what else is coming to the small screen in the near future, check out our fall premiere schedule and our midseason schedule.

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