Spoilers below for anyone who needs to watch The Walking Dead's latest episode.

Last week's Walking Dead episode took a detour from the main characters to follow Tara (and Heath, slightly), but "Sing Me a Song" returned audiences to some core survivors' current escapades. The majority of the episode's actions took place within the Sanctuary's walls, catching viewers up with Carl's Quest, which very quickly excised the Jesus potential. But that was just fine, because it let the show go straight to the comic source material to get most of Carl & Negan burgeoning relationship. In fact, here are 3 moments that were pretty much identical to the comic books, minus some language choices.

Carl's Arrival

By the time the Saviors' truck rolled up at The Sanctuary, it was just Carl hiding back there, and he'd already found at least one big gun to use. Use it, Carl did, and he mowed down a pair of Saviors before he was taken down (but not out) by Dwight. Negan demanded Carl's life be spared, because he'd instantly taken a shine to the younger Grimes' audacity and bravado. This scene was an excellent rendition of how it happened on the page, and I sincerely hope the Season 7 Blu-ray has this entire episode with an uncensored track, as several of Negan's killer lines were neutered for cable. It's something of a shame that Chandler Riggs isn't as young as Carl was at this point, but it was still pretty great.

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