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The Major Comic Characters That Supergirl Could Introduce In Season 2


The Arrow-verse continues to expand exponentially, and that's a phenomenal prospect for diehard DC fans. The small screen has certainly become a safe haven for more obscure DC heroes and villains, which creates ample opportunity to dig deep into this immense comic book lore. Of the current Arrow-verse series, few offer more opportunities for such exploration than Supergirl, and the show seems to actively embrace that idea. In fact, the Girl of Steel's series could very well prove rumors true by using Mon-El as a precursor to the formation of comic super-team the Legion of Super-Heroes.

A video released by DC Entertainment suggests that the debut of Mon-El on Earth-38 has some serious implications for the future of Supergirl. Aside from providing some great fish out of water humor, as well as a strong romantic connection for Kara, Mon-El's introduction may also signal the eventual debut of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the Arrow-verse. Although this hasn't been officially confirmed yet, there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest that it's going to happen.

Perhaps most importantly, the narrator of the video specifically states that the Legion is likely on the way. This isn't some random vlogger account; this is an official DC Entertainment video. There was every opportunity to word that part of the narration in any number of different ways, and it was chosen to very specifically suggest the likelihood of the Legion coming to The CW, and apparently no one at DC balked. As well, images of the iconic Legion of Super-Heroes ring have already shown up several times throughout the Arrow-verse (once in an episode of The Flash, and another in an episode of Supergirl), so it's starting to genuinely look like DC has the intention to develop this team of godlike heroes on the small screen.

Supergirl Legion of Super-Heroes

The introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes would be a major moment for television in general -- not just the Arrow-verse. It's an iconic superhero team that has existed in one form or another since 1958, and it has developed a deep iconography in the annals of DC lore. In addition to Mon-El, the ever-evolving team has also featured heavy-hitters from the DCU such as Supergirl (obviously), Brainiac-5, Star Boy, Invisible Kid, Wildfire and Superboy. (Many thought that the pod person was going to be Superboy before Season 2 began and revealed Mon-El.) Their adventures veer heavily into the realm of hard sci-fi, which makes Supergirl a perfect jumping off point for their stories. Porcupine Pete and Karate Kid are welcome to join, too.

Whether or not Supergirl will actually introduce the Legion of Super-Heroes at some point in the near future remains to be seen. That being said, there's certainly decent evidence to support the possibility of such an event taking place. We will bring you all of the latest and greatest news related to Supergirl (as well as the rest of the Arrow-verse series) as new details become available to us. The Girl of Steel's solo series is currently on winter hiatus from The CW, but it'll be back in 2017.

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