Spoilers below for the first half of The Walking Dead's seventh season.

One of the biggest (and most gloriously disgusting) monoliths on TV these days is The Walking Dead a show that seemingly draws just as much criticism from its massive fanbase as it does genuine acclaim. Season 7 has been particularly notable in that respect, with an adherence to limited-focus episodes used to broaden the world around Rick's group, and the show's ratings droop is becoming as widespread a conversation topic as Negan's victims were before the premiere. And while I kind of understand all that, I don't fully get it. To me, Season 7 has been as great as any in many ways, and here are 5 reasons why it's better than naysayers are giving it credit for.

Negan Is A True Monster

Though audiences got a glimpse of Negan in the Season 6 finale, that was a mere shadow of what Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new villain was capable of. Negan is a combination of all the negative flavors of humanity: he's a bully, a liar, a misogynist, and a murderer, among other things. (Though he's apparently not too bad at cooking spaghetti.) Rick & Co. have faced villainous horrors before - that's generally how it goes when taking on a pack of cannibals - but never anyone so intelligent, so strategic and so successful at leading a population of similarly evil underlings. Negan is the epitome of antagonism, and his domination during the first half of Season 7 is unparalleled in The Walking Dead's TV history.

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