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Will Kingpin Be In The Defenders? Here’s What Vincent D’Onofrio Says

Vincent D’Onofrio The Defenders

Shared universes and serialized storytelling have become common practice since the Marvel Cinematic Universe's inception. This business plan has proved both lucrative and critically acclaimed, which is why the MCU has extended to TV. Perhaps the best Marvel shows are produced by Netflix, with each story sharing the setting of New York City, as well as characters like Luke Cage and Claire Temple. The four Marvel shows will cumulate with the Defenders miniseries, leading many to wonder which characters would be reprising their roles for the team-up series. Chief among these characters is Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk aka the villainous Kingpin.

While Marvel has announced a few of the supporting characters who would be appearing in The Defenders, there was a big question mark over the head of Fisk. The Daredevil villain is one of the highlights of the series, and many wanted to see him interact with the other members of The Defenders. So will he be appearing in the miniseries? Vincent D'Onofrio answered this question via his personal Twitter page, saying:

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How's that for brutally honest? It looks like Kingpin won't be anywhere near The Defenders, to the chagrin of his many fans.

With Fisk having no role in the adventures of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and company, we can assume one thing: tons of Signourney Weaver. The sci-fi legend is set to appear as a mysterious villain in the miniseries, which has many fanboys shaking with anticipation. And now that other big villains like Fisk won't also be causing trouble, we can assume that Weaver's role is pretty substantial. Considering how much she's enjoying her time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm sure her performance will be out of this world.

It should be interesting to see if any other Marvel villains make appearances in The Defenders. We've seen some thugs crossover between Daredevil and Luke Cage, so perhaps some of the lower level baddies will show up for The Defenders. Jessica Jones' villain Kilgrave is unfortunately out of the question given the ending of the series, but Luke Cage's Diamondback could be a possibility- as long as he escapes prison.

Unfortunately, we'll just have to have some patience to find out what happens in The Defenders. Iron Fist still needs to be released on Netflix before the focus will shift over to The Defenders. It is probably around then that we'll finally know which villain Sigourney Weaver is playing in the miniseries, so fingers grossed that the months pass by soon.

Iron Fist will be released on Netflix March 17th, 2017, with The Defenders following it.

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