Netflix's latest trip into the small screen MCU gave viewers Frank Castle's intense and stressful first live-action series, but since The Punisher didn't tie in with the Defenders heroes, it was the super-bloody outlier. Thankfully, a more interconnected New York City will return with Jessica Jones Season 2, which will be the first official follow-up season for any of the Marvel shows beyond Daredevil. And, like most Marvel projects, a cloud of mystery has hung over the production, keeping fans from knowing too much.

Well, the wait for Krysten Ritter's boozy brawler is shrinking by the day, and we're gearing up for Season 2 by laying out all the Jessica Jones knowledge that has come out already. From premiere dates to plotlines to casting additions, it's all here. Now let's start off by learning when we can finally watch the damned thing.

Needless to say, there will be spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 1 from this point forward.

When Does Jessica Jones Season 2 Premiere?

Jessica Jones Season 1 premiered all the way back in November of 2015, so fans have been waiting an insanely long time for Season 2 to get here. (Admittedly, the wait was buffered by the release of The Defenders, but it wasn't the same.) But, we finally know when we'll get more door-smashing fun, and Netflix will bring all 13 Season 2 episodes to fans on Thursday, March 8, at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Dropping Jessica Jones out on a Thursday is quite an interesting change-up from the norm, which sees the majority of Netflix's biggest titles getting Friday morning releases. Perhaps this is the streaming service's version of movie theaters releasing movies earlier and earlier on Thursday evenings to drive up weekend grosses. Whatever the reasoning, we're not going to complain about getting Jessica Jones a day earlier than normal.

What Have We Seen So Far From Jessica Jones Season 2?

As it usually goes with Netflix shows, Jessica Jones still hasn't dropped any big extended trailers just yet, even though Season 2's launch is just a month away. That said, once the visual marketing gets started, it'll be a steady stream of denim-clad super-powered action until the new season goes live. Thankfully, Netflix hasn't kept us completely in the dark, offering up the images seen throughout this feature, as well as a mysterious and awesome trailer. You can check it out below!

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