The Touching Bones Moment That Happened When The Series Finished Filming

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Bones only recently began airing its final season on Fox, but the show has already wrapped up production. This means that Temperance Brennan and co. have already wrapped their final scenes and said goodbye to the Jeffersonian set and more. Recently, Bones creator Hart Hanson revealed that he was on set during the shooting of the Season 12 and series finale, which was directed by series lead David Boreanaz. After the final scene wrapped, the crew got together for one really touching final moment. Here's what Hanson had to say:

Director Boreanaz called 'cut' a little early so that cast and crew could gather for a photo on the platform. Which is when the most wonderful thing happened: spontaneous speeches! It was surprisingly emotional. I enjoyed standing with the cast and crew on the platform watching speeches from cast and crew unfold because I started this carnival/parade/movable feast by writing the Bones pilot in my backyard shed in 2004.

In a long and memorable piece published over at THR, Bones creator Hart Hanson talked about the challenges Bones faced over its 12 seasons on the air, which included a slew of time slot changes. Regardless, fans stuck around, giving Fox enough of a reason to sign on for a final season in the spring of 2016, even when cancellation seemed to be looming. It clearly paid off for the cast as well as the crew, as the story above is sentimental, and more than a little emotional. The only thing that would make it better would be actual footage of the speeches the cast and crew put together.

Hart Hanson may talk a lot about creating Bones, although he has moved on to other projects since then, but his in-depth piece about the end of the series doesn't strive to take all of the credit. He talks about how the actors brought the characters to life and how the show's directors made what was on the written page seem real. He also pays homage to all of the other hard workers on the set--all of whom made Bones possible for 12 seasons. Twelve seasons!

Early Bones looked a whole lot different than it does now. Booth and Brennan were not together, Angela and Hodgins were not together. The squinterns came later. Sweets and Daisy came later. Some of the show's most memorable villains came deep into the Fox series' run. However, it was these characters--and also the gross out factor--that made Bones totally unlike all of the other procedurals on air. And let's be honest, there are a lot of them. It's nice to hear that there were speeches and a feeling of joviality on set during that last day.

The Bones cast and crew may be finished with filming, but luckily for fans, the show isn't over, yet. You can catch new episodes on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET, only on Fox. To find out when the rest of midseason TV is coming back, check out our premiere guide.

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