Shawn Hunter Just Got Married On Girl Meets World, Shattering Millions Of Former Tweens' Hearts

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Since its premiere, Disney's Girl Meets World has made a regular habit of trying to get a rise out of older Boy Meets World fans with character returns and other fun shit, but tonight's episode probably didn't win over anyone who spent part of the 1990s with posters of Rider Strong all over their walls. For tonight, Shawn Hunter did something that he'd never done on the former TGIF hit: he got married. So many trapper keeper covers are being immolated right now.

That's right, the bearded writer and photographer has tied the knot, and it isn't even with Angela, his first major love. (I realize a lot of weird plot strings would have to be pulled in order for that to happen, considering she's married already.) No, Shawn made his wedding bliss happen with Katy, thwarting so many of her daughter Maya's better wishes, as well as the romantic pledges of millions of tweens and teens in the '90s. I can't say I'm THAT sympathetic, either, since Topanga was one of my biggest TV crushes when I was younger, and Girl Meets World kicks off by showing us that not only did her and Cory's marriage last, but they also had kids. The still stings.

Anyway, back to Shawn. All things told, it was a lovely ceremony from the ground up, although the pessimist in me watched the entire thing just waiting for disaster to strike. And it wasn't just the usual gang on hand for this special occasion, as "Girl Meets I Do" also brought back the classically class Mr. Feeny to check the vows for grammatical errors and to serve as a stand-in grandfather for Auggie.

girl meets world shawn wedding

For anyone out there hoping that things go badly for Shawn and Katy - shame on you, first of all - the pair only got engaged four episodes ago, and they only started messing around in Season 2 (after Shawn's dead father told him it was cool). They could certainly stay together forever, as can happen with people who have had shorter pre-wedding relationships, but how is this living situation going to happen? I seriously doubt the show is going to make Maya and her mom move out of town, although it wouldn't be the craziest idea for Rider Strong to sign on to the show as a regular cast member instead of a recurring guest star. Or, in what would be the easiest move, we may just have to accept that Shawn travels a lot and that he'll see his wife and stepchild when he's not working. Perhaps we'll find out in the next episode.

Girl Meets World airs Friday nights on Disney Channel at 8:00 p.m. ET. And don't forget that this season's finale is going to be incredible, as it will feature the biggest Boy Meets World reunion ever, with tons of familiar faces returning, including both actresses who played sister Morgan Matthews. Don't miss it.

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