Watch A Woman Solve A Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With Only One Letter

Wheel of Fortune is a game that relies both on luck and skill, but it was certainly skill that helped contestant Nicoletta McKiever crush out of the gate early. During an episode this week, there was only one letter on the board when McKiever solved the puzzle--a huge feat considering all she had was the category and and 's. You can take a look at her totally dominating her first Wheel of Fortune puzzle, below.

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Honestly, this is really impressive. Nicolette McKiever had a pretty good round overall, at least until the end, but this was her giant moment of glory, brought to us via Barstool Sport's Clem. The $1K tossup category was "Landmark." She literally had nine blank spaces and an 's followed by five blank spaces. I'm pretty good at word puzzles and my mind was completely blank at this point. The contestant from Brooklyn really had it going on. That is until later she had some trouble with solving a puzzle that clearly said "Polar Opposite."

Still, Nicolette had a pretty good run as a contestant through the episode, beating the other contestants of the day: Brittany and Jesse, although the latter broadcasting instructor at one point covered some ground. Later, he nearly solved a puzzle in the "Food and Drink" category that clearly was "Green Tea Latte." Unfortunately, Jesse said "Green Tea Patch." Yes, the lovely green tea patch, a beverage we are all familiar with.

Unfortunately, this didn't end up being as crazy of an episode of Wheel of Fortune as when middle school math teacher Sarah Manchester took home a million dollars a couple of years ago, but that's a hard contestant to beat. This was more of a fun episode, like what happened a few months ago when Wheel of Fortune ended in a tie. Go ahead, give that one a watch.

Wheel of Fortune has been on the air off and on since 1975. More than 6,000 episodes of the series have been taped, which is a huge number, and it's easy to see why some episodes of the show are more compelling and exciting than others. Usually that happens because someone puts up a good performance in a round, or oppositely, puts together a particularly sucky performance. Even having moments like the Fisherman's wharf moment are really fun for fans at this point, and likely contribute to why Wheel of Fortune is still on the air all these years later. Vanna White never aging probably helps, also.

Wheel of Fortune currently airs in syndication. Check your local listings for times.

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