Grey’s Anatomy: First Look At Maggie’s Mother

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This week is an exciting one for hardcore TV fans. Because after a few months of hiatus, tons of shows have their winter premiers beginning this week. This includes ABC's TGIT lineup featuring Shonda Rhimes' original dramas. And no Shondaland series is quite as popular as the original: Grey's Anatomy. Season 13 has proven to be mostly focused on the remaining original cast members, and now it appears that Richard Webber will have a big plot line coming up in the back half of the season. Maggie Pierce's mother is stepping into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and it's sure to affect her budding relationship with her biological father.

Entertainment Weekly got the first images of Maggie's mother in Grey's Anatomy. You can check it out below.

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Mrs. Pierce is in the house, ya'll. And while it's not clear why she's come to Seattle to visit her daughter, it's sure to affect Maggie's new family unit, and vice versa.

Maggie is the biological daughter of Richard Webber and Ellis Grey, and is therefore Meredith's half sister. Neither Richard nor Meredith knew about Maggie's existence until a few seasons ago, when Maggie took the job as head of Cardio at Grey Sloan Memorial in order to be closer to her biological roots. Since then, we've seen Maggie become gradually closer to both of her relatives (as well as her semi sister-in-law Amelia), and move into Meredith's house.

But now that Maggie's adoptive mother has entered Grey's Anatomy, it should be interesting to see where the various chips lie. Maggie will presumably feel a bit torn between the family she grew up with and her new chosen one in Seattle. She's previously stated that she had a typical nuclear household, so her new family is quite a step away from the world she knew as a kid. Will she find that her traditional family now pales in comparison to her biological one? We'll just have to wait and see.

Honestly, I'm most interested in seeing how Richard interacts with Mrs. Pierce. Since he and Adele never had children of their own, Maggie's paternity was a second chance for the former chief of surgery. He clearly values his growing relationship with Maggie, and would be heartbroken if anything jeopardize it. Additionally, Mrs. Pierce will likely feel a mixture of gratitude and competition for Richard- since he did help bring her daughter into the world. It's all complicated and layered, which should make for an interesting few episodes.

You can take another look at Mrs. Pierce below, courtesy of EW.

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Just look at all that love. I can't wait to see another side of Maggie in the coming episodes.

Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC this Thursday, January 26th.

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