Stacey Dash And Fox News Are Parting Ways

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It's been a wild few months over at Fox News. After longtime head Roger Ailes left the news network, the channel has seen a slew of other individuals leaving or at least changing time slots on the channel. The exits don't seem to be calming down anytime soon, either. Recently, we learned that Stacey Dash will also be leaving Fox News.

Unlike Greta Van Susteren or Megyn Kelly, the exit doesn't seem to be Stacey Dash's choice. Per THR, Fox News ultimately decided not to renew Dash's contract; the decision also was reportedly made quite some time ago, although we are only hearing about it now. If you are a regular Fox News watcher, you may have noticed that Stacey Dash has been missing from the game for a while. In fact, after the network decided not to renew her contract she hasn't been on the air since September.

Stacey Dash joined Fox News in 2014, and her run on the network has been anything but quiet. The former Clueless star has been noted for her outspoken opinions. She's notably had strong opinions about transgendered bathrooms, the Orlando massacre, BET and more. The network also suspended her when she swore on the air in a segment about President Barack Obama. She's kind-of been a loose cannon, and a high-profile one, considering she was formerly in the public eye as an actress and celebrity.

Fox News is currently busy retooling its lineup. Tucker Carlson, who had taken over for Greta Van Susteren, has now moved into Megyn Kelly's old slot. Fox News also recently hired Nigel Farage and Bob Beckel and reports over the weekend have indicated George Will and Ed Rollins may also be out after their contracts were also declined. Fox News has always had a pretty deep bench in terms of talent and the exits of some major individuals will presumably allow other TV personalities to shine. Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren have both landed new gigs on other networks.

Clearly, it's a time of upheaval at the major news network, but maybe that's a good thing. The channels that stay stagnant often end up losing viewers over the long haul. Fox News is currently still the highest-rated cable news network, and has been seeing gains since Donald Trump became President. Now that Ailes is no longer in charge, it looks as if the network is trying to go in a different direction. We'll let you know if any other major upheavals take place. We'll also let you know if Stacey Dash lands another news gig.

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