How Kellyanne Conway Feels About Her SNL Impression

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Kellyanne Conway has become more prominent in recent months, thanks to her running of Donald Trump's campaign and her subsequent coining of the term "alternative facts." Like Donald Trump and other members of Trump's campaign, she's seen a lot of the late night skits about her. When asked how she feels about Saturday Night Live's portrayal of her, she had the following to say about the caricature:

Actually make her be a little bit more happy. I'm known as much more happy than maybe the character sometimes is. I liked the 'Walking on Sunshine.' I liked the 'Kellyanne Conway's Day Off.' That was much more me.

Kate McKinnon is a master at impressions, and she's taken on Kellyanne Conway for SNL a few different times. Not all of them have been super positive toward Kellyanne Conway, however. For example, one of those times has turned Kellyanne Conway into a modern-day version of Chicago's Roxie Hart. Per what Conway has told THR in a video component, she's less keen on portrayals like that one, but more keen on sketches like "Kellyanne Conway's Day Off" that are a little more lighthearted.

The sketch that is mentioned features McKinnon's version of Conway taking painting and rollerblading on her day off. Her day of bliss keeps getting interrupted when Kellyanne Conway has to appear on the news to explain Donald Trump's tweets. If you haven't caught the sketch in question, you can take a look at it, below.

Although she doesn't always seem to be a fan of SNL's political brand of humor, she's also not taking shots at the series as Donald Trump himself has. However, when the outlet asked her about late night comics in general, she did have the following response:

I enjoy all the late night comics--especially when they are ridiculing someone other than us.

Saturday Night Live has featured political sketches for years, but it could be argued the show has taken more of a political tact during Season 2, and has shown no signs of stopping since Donald Trump was inaugurated and Alec Baldwin was signed on. To see what angle the show takes next, you can watch SNL on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET. In addition, you can also take a look at what else TV has coming up with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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