A&E's Big Jail Docuseries 60 Days In Got A Huge Renewal Order

A&E 60 Days Season 2

A&E just renewed its groundbreaking docuseries 60 Days In for another 2 seasons, and this season the show is heading to Atlanta. Nine average individuals will go undercover as felons in the Fulton County jail, which is regarded as one of America's most dangerous prisons. Fulton County Jail is rampant with gangs, drugs, violence and corruption and that's coming straight from the mouth of the guy running it! In addition, Colonel Mark G. Adger has enlisted the help of 60 Days In: Atlanta in an attempt to uncover the root of these longstanding problems.

As with previous seasons, all participants during Season 3 will come from different walks of life and will have no criminal record. This coming season will include a special education teacher for at-risk youths, a man who believes the justice system has failed African Americans, and a woman who met her current husband when he was incarcerated and wants to understand how jail continues to affect his everyday life.

If you didn't watch the first two seasons of the series, it was an absolute trip! It showed many skeptics that, yes, prison is exactly as bad as people say it is (sorry kid from The Omen). No amount of training with Kevin Hart will prepare you for the life that awaits you on the inside. The hours are long and when you're confined with anyone for a long time, there's bound to be tension. Sometimes that tension is valid, and other times it's a full out brawl over some tater tots that can end in getting your face cut up more than Jerome in Gotham.

Seriously, check out how brutal these fights can get over something many of us would consider not a big deal in this footage from 60 Days In.

As with the first two seasons, the show will air its next two consecutive seasons back to back in the same prison. While some have alleged that the show is fake or exaggerates situations with editing, there's pretty substantial evidence (such as the public firings of professional jailers) to prove otherwise. If it's your first time watching 60 Days In, expect lots of violence and other things you might not want to have on when a child is in the room! This is a pretty raw experience of what life is like on the inside. Be sure to check out the series when it premieres March 2nd at 9 p.m. ET and check out the other shows coming out in March with our TV premiere schedule. Sadly, it sounds like the Prison Break revival may be tamer than this show!

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