We Already Know What American Crime Story Season 4 Will Be About

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It's a good time to be Ryan Murphy. Because in addition to the massively popular horror series American Horror Story (as well as the upcoming Feud and FOX's Scream Queens), he struck gold with last year's American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson. The series was watched by basically everyone, and has received a ton of accolades and awards. As such, ACS was promptly renewed by FX, and Murphy has already made his plans for both the second and third season of the anthology series known. And now the director/writer/producer has revealed his plans for Season 4, which is pretty astonishing considering only one season has aired.

Ryan Murphy recently sat down with the good folks at E! News, where he went into detail about the upcoming seasons of American Crime Story. And it was revealed that Season 4 will focus on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and will once again star Ryan Murphy's personal muse: Sarah Paulson.

But before you get too excited to see Sarah Paulson in a blonde wig and blue pant suit, Murphy has made it very clear that she will not be playing Hillary Rodham Clinton. He said,

Sarah will be in it but she won't be playing Hillary. That's earmarked for talks with somebody else. We're casting that now. I can't say what Sarah is playing, but it starts shooting at the end of this year.

Does anyone else just want to skip the next two seasons and dive straight into Season 4? Because this sounds like the perfect theme for a season of American Crime Story.

Part of what made The People v OJ Simpson such a glorious viewing experience is that audiences were so familiar with the case. Everyone knows where they were when Simpson was acquitted, as well as the various court proceedings and his ride in the Bronco. As such, they could really appreciate how detailed American Crime Story was- it was like getting into a time machine.

Season 4 is sure to be similarly enjoyable for the masses, as the scandal with President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky absolutely dominated news outlets at the time. Everything from Lewinsky's outfits to Clinton's famous speech are still extremely iconic pop culture moments, and so the the TV viewers should have a particularly vested interest in the upcoming season.

Regarding Sarah Paulson's mystery role, I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up playing Linda Tripp. While it would require quite the physical transformation, it would be fascinating to see Paulson play the woman who played such a major role in the Lewinsky scandal. Plus, who doesn't want to see the actress disappear into another character, this time with help from prosthesis.

American Crime Story is set to return in 2018 with two separate seasons. Season 2 will revolve around the neglect in care and action following Hurricane Katrina (with Annette Bening!), and Season 3 will focus on the assassination of legendary designer Gianni Versace.

Corey Chichizola
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