The Leftovers Season 3 Looks Terrifying In Intense New Footage

TV production is a funny thing, mostly because of how many outside factors decide how long shows run. And while shows like ABC's Grey's Anatomy is currently halfway through its whopping 13th season, not all series live quite as long. We're seeing quite a few HBO series coming to a close recently, including the mysterious drama The Leftovers. Because despite fantastic critical reception, third season will also be the last. And while it's a bummer that our time with Kevin, Nora, and company is coming to a close, a new trailer for Season 3 was just released. And if its to be believed, then the final season is going to be pure chaos. Check it out.

Crazy, right? The Leftovers has always been a series with a ton of mystery surrounding it, and it looks like they aren't pulling any punches for the final season. Let's break down what we're being shown in the trailer.

To start, it looks like Season 3 will have yet another change in location. The first season was firmly planted in the town of Mapleton, with Kevin serving as Chief of Police and Jill in High School. But following a large scale event by The Guilty Remnant, the characters moved to Miracle, Texas. Miracle is the only place on earth where nobody disappeared during the global departure. Unfortunately, the town had plenty of drama of its own. Plus, Liv Tyler's Meg infiltrated the ranks of the town and opened the gates, allowing for pure chaos to once again surround Kevin and his family.

In the above trailer, we see that Kevin and Nora are boarding a plane to Melbourne, Australia. Things appear very tense, as they both receive some dirty looks from immigration and TSA officials. And while the boarding makes up the framework of the trailer, we're shown a ton of shocking and fascinating clips from The Leftovers' third season. While we've seen plenty of craziness, it looks like we haven't even scratched the surface.

the leftovers season 3

While the images are vague and a bit confusing, we see glimpses from each major character in the series. There is a brief shot of Kevin's ex wife Laurie (Private Practice star Amy Brenneman), who has has quite the tenure on the series. Laurie went from being a Guilty Remnant member to an advocate helping ex members, to using Tommy to "heal" people. But she's hasn't really supported her family, so perhaps Season 3 will feature a more fleshed out reunion.

The overall trailer certainly makes it seem like another large scale event is happening on The Leftovers. Things certainly feel apocalyptic, which may be exactly what happens in the series. Perhaps The Departure was actually a preamble for a world ending event. That, or the leftovers themselves will also depart, and reunite with the millions who disappeared around the world.

We'll just have to wait and see. The Leftovers will return to HBO on April 16th, 2017.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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