Which Bachelor Chris Harrison Had Trouble Working With, According To Chris Harrison

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Live! with Kelly has spent several months looking for a replacement for Michael Strahan, and in that time, the show has tried out a good chunk of interim hosts. Recently, The Bachelor's Chris Harrison took on the gig, and Kelly Ripa took the opportunity to ask him some questions about the long-running ABC reality series. When she wheedled him about which of the Bachelors he did not get along with, he had the following to say:

You know what's funny, because you're friends with his brother, he comes on here, Jerry O'Connell. His brother Charlie was our Bachelor. I love Jerry, and I actually love Charlie, but Charlie and I -- he was just east coast, me southern kid -- it was like oil and water. We just didn't get along.

It's clear that Chris Harrison likes his job on The Bachelor and doesn't want to say anything to mar his or the show's reputation. In fact, during the episode of Live! with Kelly he at first didn't seem to want to answer Kelly Ripa's question, noting it might "stir things up." Even when Harrison did give an answer, he made it clear that he still likes Charlie O'Connell, but that the gig just maybe wasn't the greatest fit for O'Connell, at least in terms of his ability to gel with Chris Harrison onscreen.

Charlie O'Connell was a part of The Bachelor way back in Season 7, which aired over a decade ago on ABC. During O'Connell's season, the Bachelor chose Sarah Brice as as the winner of the show and the two dated off and on for a few years after, but ended up splitting after they realized there were some issues they couldn't resolve. I don't remember there being any noticeable tension between Chris Harrison and Charlie O'Connell during that specific season, but again, it's been over a decade. Besides, what is important is that Harrison remembers that season as not being his favorite ever, and for a specific reason. He also told Kelly Ripa that there are some contestants he just melds with better than others, and it seems as if Season 7 was just one of those times.

The Bachelor is currently airing its 21st season on ABC with Chris Harrison as host. The latest season of the long-running series stars Nick Viall and he'll be choosing between a few lucky ladies before he hands out that last final rose. The franchise also made news recently when the female led version of the show The Bachelorette hired on its first black lead, Rachel Lindsay, who is currently a contestant on Season 21 of The Bachelor. The franchise doesn't look to be going anywhere anytime soon, but at least we know now that Chris Harrison would make a pretty good daytime TV host, as well.

To take a look at what else happened during the episode, give it a watch. In addition, you can catch new episodes of Live! with Kelly on weekdays. Take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else is coming to TV soon.

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