The Bachelor Season 21 Eliminations And Rose Ceremony Results Updated

the bachelor season 21

All of us dealing with the problems that come with the winter season can forget such issues now that another season of ABC's The Bachelor is here for us to live vicariously through. (For the sunshine, at least, if not the densely existential conversations.) This year, franchise familiar Nick Viall is the guy with the big collection of roses to dispense, and viewers are guaranteed to see him finally end up with a mate at the end of a season, as he'd previously come out as a runner-up in both The Bachelorette's Season 10 (Andi Dorfman) and Season 11 (Kaitlyn Bristowe), as well as netting 7th/8th place in Bachelor in Paradise's third season.

We know how hard it can be to keep up with primetime TV these days, so we're doing some of the heavy lifting for Bachelor fans with this weekly update of everyone who has been eliminated from The Bachelor in each week's episode, whether they're during the rose ceremonies or on dates or some other awkward situation. Place your bets on who you think will find true love in the comments below, and let's kick things off with the most recent episode that aired.

Week 3 Elimination - Dominique Alexis

This week's date that didn't involve the Backstreet Boys took Nick and some of the ladies to the track, where Olympic greats like Carl Lewis had them compete in events both measuring their athleticism and compatibility with the titular beard. And she then got all weird about her confidence because he didn't fawn over her, getting confrontational with him about it after the fact. In reaction, Nick sent her home on the spot, solidifying his place as an unpredictable Bachelor.

Week 2 Elimination - Lacey Mark

The Week 2 rose ceremony came 20 minutes into this week's episode, which isn't that weird given how The Bachelor handles such things these days. Someone noticeably absent from the rose distribution was current villain Corinne, who chose to stay in bed. But she wasn't going to go home anyway, apparently, but guess who did? Digital marketing manager Lacey Mark, who didn't necessarily make much of a mark in her time.

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Week 2 Elimination - Elizabeth Whitelaw

There was a common theme among tonight's eliminations, at least the rose ceremony exits: blonde hair and an existence that won't necessarily be missed, since these early weeks don't allow for such big impressions to be made. Marketing manager Elizabeth Whitelaw, the second marketing manager, also went home this week, but to New Triers, Illinois.

Week 2 Elimination - Hailey Merkt

The third blonde to go home in this week's Week 2 rose ceremony, Vancouver photographer Hailey Merkt also got to make a sad farewell early in Nick's season. And yet somehow, Corinne was off not giving a rat's ass about things and still got to stick around for another week on the show. Anything to fuel the fire.

liz the bachelor

Week 2 Elimination - Liz Sandoz

In an episode for which Corinne got topless for a photo shoot, somehow the most uncomfortable moments belonged to Liz, as her past fling with Nick got put front and center during their cringe-heavy time together. He inevitably came to the presumably safe conclusion that she was just there to be on The Bachelor, not to fall in love with Nick Viall.

angela the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Angela Amezcua

Hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, Angela Amezcua is the model who claimed she would not have entered the competition this season had Nick not been the Bachelor. It didn't help her chances of staying in the competition, though.

jasmine b the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown was one of two contestants this season named Jasmine, of all names, and the Tacoma, Washington flight attendant can hopefully take comfort in the fact that she was wearing such a unique dress before getting eliminated. (Not really, it was as red as everyone else's.)

olivia the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Olivia Burnette

Another contestant who wasn't given much time to make a big impression, Anchorage, Alaska's Olivia Burnette offered up a memorable display of Alaskan culture by wearing a big fur coat and giving Nick an "Eskimo kiss" when they met.

Ida marie the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Ida Marie DeLosSantos

For Harlingen, Texas sales manager Ida Marie, there aren't many more things more important than trust, and her stance is such that she gave Nick the ultimate test with a "trust fall" that was virtually impossible for him to screw up. And he trusted his gut by going forward without her.

briana the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Briana Guertler

Go with what you know, right? Salt Lake City, Utah resident Briana Guertler put her surgical unit nurse skills to the test when she checked Nick's heartbeat. But she also kind of threatened to rip his shirt off, which isn't likely a part of the Hippocratic Oath.

lauren the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Lauren Hussey

It wouldn't be surprising if Lauren Hussey went from being a law school grad in Naples, Florida to being a hindsight expert after casually telling Nick that they would "make a disgusting slut" if their last names were combined. I would have liked to see what other word games she had up her sleeves.

susannah the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Susannah Milan

No one can blame San Diego, California account manager Susannah Milan for getting touchy-feely with Nick, since physical efforts are a good way to make a first impression. But someone should have told her beard massages aren't the optimal choice.

michelle the bachelor

Week 1 Elimination - Michelle Ramkissoon

Had Los Angeles, California's Michelle Ramkissooon showed up for her Bachelor introduction in the food truck that she owns and operates, that would have been cool. Instead, she told Nick that she wanted to make lemonade from the lemons of his past relationships. Not the most appetizing concept.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC. Check back every week for our new updates as the show delivers them, and head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else the small screen will bring audiences in the coming months.

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