Alex Trebek Rapping On Jeopardy Is The Greatest Thing You'll Hear All Day

It's college week on Jeopardy!, which means the long-running game show is working to be a bit hipper than usual. Recently, that meant Alex Trebek busted out his rhyming skills to bring an exciting "Let's Rap, Kids!" category to the small screen. If you've ever wanted to see Alex Trebek try his hand at Lil Wayne and Desiigner lyrics, you should give the video a watch, below.

This isn't the first time that Alex Trebek has rapped on Jeopardy since he started on the series way back in the eighties. In fact, in the recent past, Trebek memorably rapped the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, which was also a classic moment on the long-running game show. However, there's something about hearing him bust out the lyrics to contemporary rap songs that makes me even more amused.

Although Trebek doesn't always get the cadence right--honestly I don't know anyone who can say "panda" numerous times in a row and make it sound exactly like Desiigner--the college-aged students competing did pretty well with the lyrics. There was only one flub, when contestant Alex thought a Weezy lyric that actually had the word "Weezy" in it belonged to Kanye West. Oh, how young these college-aged students truly are.

Even Jeopardy recognized how hip it was being, sharing the following amusing clip via Twitter:

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I wonder if in moments like these Alex Trebek embraces the gloriousness of his monotonous rapping or if he really wishes he had retired when he had all of those heart problems years ago? For the record, Trebek, we are pretty pumped you are still around and busting out lyrics to popular music. Let's get you on some nerdcore next.

All in all, between the joy of seeing Alex Trebek rap and the relative competence of the three competitors, the College Tournament is shaping out pretty nicely. You can continue tuning in for the seminfinals this week. Jeopardy is syndicated, so check your local listings. In addition, you can see what else TV has coming up with our midseason premiere schedule.

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