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Lil Wayne is finally heading home. The beloved rapper was released from Cedars Sinai Hospital this evening after a six-day stay, the majority of which was spent in the Intensive Care Unit. The specifics of his condition haven’t been made public, but fans can rightly assume he’s made dramatic improvements since doctors think he no longer needs constant monitoring.

The happy news was first made public by Lil Wayne’s buddy Mack Maine on Twitter. You can check out the tweet in question below…
”Thanks to Cedar Sinai for everything!!! @LilTunechi has been officially been released and is headed home....God is great”

The basic outline of what happened to Lil Wayne is pretty clear. Everyone agrees he had another seizure, wound up in the ICU and was just released this evening. As for the specifics of what happened and how serious it got, however, there’s almost no agreement. MTV seems to feel the rapper never got close to death and was dealing with a natural problem, while TMZ thinks he almost kicked the bucket following a purple drank overdose.

Regardless of whether purple drank was involved or not, Pop Blend sends out its sincerest thoughts to the popular music mogul. He may have had more than a lifetime’s worth of success already, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to spend the next few decades skateboarding up a storm.

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