How One Small Walking Dead Line Might Be The Key To A Wild Theory

Spoilers below for last Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead.

When it comes to dialogue from The Walking Dead's latest episodes, I'm partial to the way Ezekiel disapprovingly calls out Jerry's name. But it was someone else in The Kingdom whose words spawned a pretty crazy theory that could make for another interesting in-universe relationship that wasn't from the comics. Remember that oddball line from Kingdom soldier Dianne when, early in the episode, she kills a walker and comments that her sister had the same dress? Well, some fans are now thinking that this line will pay off in the reveal that her sister is Tamiel, one of the junkyard Heapsters.

There is admittedly no smoking gun as proof here, since that's not how early theorizing works, but there enough low-key hints that make the idea seem plausible enough. For one, The Walking Dead doesn't usually give characters time to shine unless there's a very specific reason for it. Sometimes that reason is for minor subplots, such as how Tobin slots into things, and sometimes it's just for comic relief. But while Kerry Cahill's Dianne was kind of funny there, particularly in the way she deadpanned both lines, that's not a normal bit for this show.

Similarly, Sabrina Gennarino's Tamiel gets put into the spotlight later in the episode as the stoic temporary hostage that Gabriel held at knife-point as a way to convince Jadis to listen to Rick's plea for assistance against Negan and his Saviors. She didn't get to deliver any tonally unbalanced lines, but one Redditor found these two instances, as well as the actresses' faces, to be similar enough to form a theory.

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Of the limited casting notices that came when the Heapsters were being put together, Jadis and Tamiel were the two most notable characters, so we do know that the henchwoman will play an important role in things to come, though whether that's as Dianne's sister or as a single child is unknown at this point. But The Walking Dead source material is known to bring out some interesting stories when it comes to characters' siblings, and we're also waiting to learn if the two doctors on the show are related. And you never can tell when The Walking Dead is dealing out clues and when it's dealing out random words.

To add a little more seemingly legitimate fuel to the fire, Sabrina Gennarino took to social media this weekend to share with the world that she and Kerry Cahill were watching this particular episode together. Also not concrete proof, but a great circumstantial evidence for the conspiracy theorists among us.

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Do you guys think that the two are actually related? Let us know, and don't forget The Walking Dead Season 7 airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is heading to the small screen in the near future.

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