Why The Flash Gave Gorilla Grodd The Big Two-Parter, According To The Showrunner

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The Flash has introduced some pretty wild characters over the years, and one of its most unforgettable has to be Gorilla Grodd. The giant telepathic meta-gorilla first turned up to wreak havoc on Team Flash back in Season 1, and he's found new ways to cause trouble ever since. Barry and Co. were rid of him for a while after they banished him to Earth-2, but the show wasn't done with him yet. Season 3 brought Gorilla Grodd back for an epic two-parter, and showrunner Aaron Helbing has explained why Grodd got the big two-parter, saying this:

Oh, we wanted to do this type of two-part episode since Season 1, when we first introduced Grodd in Episode 5. We ask everyone on the show, "What do you absolutely have to see? If you could see anything, what would it be?" And "Barry against Solovar in an arena," that alone is a headline we were definitely going to strive for. That's something we've been building towards.

The first half of the two-parter sent Barry and his pals over to Gorilla City on Earth-2, where Grodd claimed to need their help in stopping the Gorilla City leader from attacking Central City on Earth-1. Barry fought Solovar in an arena battle, and it was a grand success...until the end of the episode, when we learned that Grodd was actually the gorilla planning on attacking Earth-1. Aaron Helbing's reveal to TVLine that the two-parter is something that the Flash team has wanted to do since the very beginning explains why the episode ended on the cliffhanger with Gypsy and the gorillas last week. Even bigger things are in store when they get to bring Grodd and his gorilla army back to attack Central City on Earth-1.

Personally, I wouldn't have guessed that bringing an army of gorillas from a place called Gorilla City was an event that would be three years in the making for a primetime TV show, but Aaron Helbing and the other folks behind the scenes clearly know what they're doing when it comes to bringing fantastical elements from DC Comics history to life on the small screen. The ratings for The Flash have been in a bit of a slump for Season 3, but it's still a top performer for The CW. Barry's race to save Iris in the second half of the season promises to keep the action going.

Tune in to The CW on Tuesday, February 28 at 8 p.m. ET to see the second half of The Flash's Gorilla Grodd two-parter. A brand new speedster will be showing up, along with Gypsy and a whole bunch of gorillas, so the episode should be worth the watch. Don't forget to take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you can catch on the small screen in the not-too-distant future.

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