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With news breaking a couple months ago that Marvel's Inhumans would be headed to television for Fall 2017, fans haven't had a lot of time to fully process just how awesome that news is. Marvel's Inhumans finally made some casting moves recently, and today brings the announcement that the show has found its Black Bolt, and Hell on Wheels' Anson Mount has been cast to play the leader whose whisper can destroy an entire city.

The role of Black Bolt likely won't be a huge challenge for Anson Mount, as Black Bolt is the strong and silent type. Like the "if he talks at normal volume, it's like detonating a nuclear bomb all around him" silent type, so don't expect much dialogue unless it's absolutely necessary. This means a lot of Mount's action on screen, will be in body language, non-verbal communication, and some fighting, of course; Black Bolt boasts superhuman strength and speed. Marvel's Jeph Loeb says Mount is up for the challenge and says his imposing persona gives a regal vibe that will fit the character. As leader of the Inhumans, Mount will need that "regal persona," as the silent leader of the reclusive race of superhumans will get a lot of focus.

Maximus Black Bolt Marvel

Anson Mount is joining previously announced actor Iwan Rheon, who will play Black Bolt's brother, Maximus. Expect Mount and Rheon to share a lot of time on-screen, as the two men's paths are frequently intertwined throughout the decades in Marvel's Inhumans comics. Without getting too caught up with spoiler talk and discussing backstories and whatnot, the brothers' history is complicated, to say the least. The dynamic of Mount and Rheon will be a relationship often visited in the series, so let's hope the two talented actors are up to the challenge.

Many will known Anson Mount from AMC's Hell On Wheels, where he played leading man Cullen Bohannon. After 5 seasons, the series packed up and headed into the sunset, which led Mount to his casting in Marvel's Inhumans on ABC. While Hell On Wheels has been Mount's main claim to fame, the actor has also appeared on series like Lost, Sex In The City, Third Watch and many others. Mount has some film appearances as well, although he doesn't get the same top-billing he gets on TV.

Marvel's Inhumans is set to premiere its first two installments in IMAX theaters ahead of its full 8-episode run on ABC this September. With all the excitement and hype surrounding the series, let's hope Anson Mount isn't already in character and keeping completely silent about the project! We'll keep you updated on all things on Marvel's Inhumans as the months wind down. Until then, hit up our midseason premiere guide and see when another certain Marvel superhero (Iron Fist) makes his debut!

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