Rosita and Tara Clash In The Walking Dead Sneak Peek

Rosita in Alexandria

Another week, another new episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. Following last week's capsule episode with Eugene at The Sanctuary, we'll once again be transported back to Alexandria and the main group of survivors. And while it looks like Michonne and Rick are going to have another epic battle for supplies, there's another character who will be taking the spotlight away from the couple: Rosita. Rosita's growth throughout Season 7 has been one of the highlights of the season, as she is unable to compromise or submit to Negan after he killed Abraham. And now it looks like Ro Ro's anger is being let out on Tara.

A sneak peek from tonight's episode "Say Yes" was just released, and it features a tense conversation between Rosita and Tara. You can check it out below.

Well, that was uncomfortable. It looks like Rosita's attitude hasn't gotten any better over the past few episodes. Let's break down all the juicy goodness from this scene.

To start, it's clear that Rosita is still a badass queen. After leaning into Arat's knife in the midseason finale, she's got a pretty nasty scar on her right cheek. And rather than seeking medical attention to remove the stitches, Ro Ro did that herself.

Although Rosita's continued badassery is certainly a highlight, the deeper meaning of this scene is fascinating. Because while Tara is trying to convince Rosita that everything will be ok and they'll win, the communities are in desperate need of weapons. And it just so happens that Tara actually DOES know exactly where to get them: Oceanside.

During Tara's (somewhat boring) solo episode this season, she encounters a sustainable all-female group of survivors known as Oceanside. They'd previously been under The Saviors' thumb, before Negan and company killed literally all of the men in the community, including children. The remnants were able to escape in the dead of night, and fear that The Saviors may one day find them and take revenge.

Tara got along with these women, and swore to never reveal their community to Rick and the Alexandrians. But Oceanside's weapons are the last thing that the other communities need in order to finally rise up and defeat Negan. So Tara is in a bit of a pickle. Either she attempts to travel back to Oceanside, break her word and risk being killed by their forces. Or she significantly delays the resistance, possibly allowing Alexandria's alliance with The Scavengers and The Hilltop to fade away.

We'll just have to wait and see how it all goes down when The Walking Dead returns to AMC this evening.

Corey Chichizola
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