Noah Wyle Has A New Network TV Project, But What Does That Mean For The Librarians?

Noah Wyle The Librarians

We only have so many hours in a given day, and anybody who knows anything about TV production can tell you that shooting a small screen project can take up many of those hours--especially on network TV. Some actors, like TNT's The Librarians Noah Wyle, manage to keep themselves incredibly busy with TV projects over the course of their respective careers, but sometimes one role can affect another. With that in mind, Wyle has officially been cast as the lead in an upcoming CBS pilot, and that has us genuinely wondering about his future on The Librarians.

Variety reports that Noah Wyle has officially signed on for the lead role in the upcoming CBS drama pilot, Perfect Citizen. The project will see him take on the role of a former General Counsel to the NSA who finds himself thrust into the public eye after blowing the whistle on a major government scandal. As a result of this newfound attention, half of the public will consider him a patriot for uncovering a massive government embarrassment, while other people see him as a traitor. The project will focus on his attempts to navigate that dichotomy while working for a major law firm in Boston.

It's not hard to understand why a story such as this is about to be told on television. The concepts of cyber security and government overreach have become hot-button issues in recent years, and the real life cases of men like Edward Snowden have clearly laid some of the groundwork for Perfect Citizen's overarching narrative.

Of course, the fact that Noah Wyle is going to take on the lead role in Perfect Citizen raises some issues about his future on other TV projects. Wyle has become well-known among fans of TNT's The Librarians for his role as Flynn Carsen in the movies and on the TV series. With the mystical TNT adventure series recently renewed for a fourth season by the network, we will have to wait and see whether or not Carsen will remain a consistent presence on the show.

It's not uncommon for actors to appear on multiple shows within a given time frame, but Wyle being cast as Perfect Citizen's main character will undoubtedly become a significant time commitment, and could lead to him leaving The Librarians altogether. He's not the only actor dealing with similar speculation. When The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green found herself cast as the lead on Star Trek: Discovery, and now many fans of the AMC zombie series are beginning to theorize that Sasha might not be long for this world as a result.

We will bring you more information related to Noah Wyle and his involvement in Perfect Citizen (as well as how that involvement may impact his role on The Librarians), especially if it moves forward to series at CBS. For now, you can take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else is coming up.

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