SNL: Watch Scarlett Johansson Try Not To Laugh As A Disgusting Mermaid

Scarlett Johansson as a "mermaid" on SNL

Last night saw a welcomed new episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live. And while the most recent episode is notable for its (unsurprisingly) political references and the glorious return of Pete Davidson, it also welcomed Scarlet Johansson into the prestigious fifth timer club. The Avengers actress got to play a variety of characters, from Ivanka Trump to a middle aged lesbian. But perhaps none was as enjoyable as watching the always beautiful ScarJo looks straight up nasty as a gross mermaid. And even better, the audience got to watch her attempt to keep it together while acting opposite Kate McKinnon.

Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Shud the Mermaid last night, and this time she brought along her good buddy Kunk. And she's just as gross and weird as Shud. Check it out.

Honestly, try to keep a straight face while watching Scarlett Johansson get the weirdest we've ever seen her. Just try.

This clip brought back one of Kate McKinnon's newest characters, Shud the mermaid. Shud is just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, except made slightly differently. Rather than half woman half marlin, Shud is 15 percent maiden and 85 percent Blobfish (aka the ugliest fish in the ocean). While Shud's sisters attempt to seduce Mikey Day into marrying them, Shud takes another approach. She points out some of the aspects which make her unique, like her mouth serving as the way she both eats and defecates. Charming, right?

But Shud didn't come alone this time. She brought Scarlett Johansson's Kunk with her, who is a mixture of maiden and the horrifying anglerfish. A deep sea dweller, we see ScarJo's Kunk rocking a jagged set of teeth, as well as the fish's fleshy light up growth at the top of its head. While the fish use this as a lure for prey, Kunk mostly uses the growth as as reading light, because she's a dweller that hangs out with all the "freaks" at the bottom of the ocean.

What follows is Kate McKinnon and Scarlett Johansson taking turns being absolutely disgusting. Johansson clearly feels comfortable with McKinnon after their work together on the upcoming dark comedy Rough Night. But while McKinnon is used to holding back laughter and smiles during sketches, ScarJo had a pretty hard time keeping a straight face- especially with McKinnon going ham with her grossness.

Perhaps the moment that made me laugh the most was when Shud and Kunk got a little freaky, in an attempt to seduce Mikey Day's character. This results in Kate McKinnon performing some form of oral sex on ScarJo's growth, which is both hilarious and revolting.

Overall, part of what makes this scene so fun to watch is seeing Scarlett Johansson trying to keep it together. Saturday Night Live audience have always responded to the cast cracking themselves up, as they get to feel connected to the comedians who consistently make them laugh. We've seen this recently when Emily Blunt hosted, struggling to get through a scene as an escort opposite Leslie Jones.

Plus, who can forget the Debbie Downer sketch that caused the entire cast into hysterics, with host Lindsay Lohan fleeing the scene? You can catch part of that in this compilation of SNL breakdowns.

Saturday Night Live is back in action in NBC, and will feature Louis C.K. as the next member of the five-timer club.

Corey Chichizola
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