One Infamous Actress Wants To Play Ariel In Disney’s Little Mermaid Reboot

Disney has been hard at work cranking out live action adaptations of their classic animated film. Beauty and the Beast is right around the corner, with The Lion King, Aladdin, and Mulan all in different stages of development. Not to be forgotten, The Little Mermaid is also on the docket and though only Lin-Manual Miranda is attached to develop, one infamous actress is putting her name out there. Yup, Lindsay Lohan wants to play Ariel in a live-action Little Mermaid movie. Here's how the actress attempted to get Disney's attention.

Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to pitch her take on The Little Mermaid to Disney. Sharing a split screen photo of herself and Ariel to point out the visual similarities (even though there's a filter on the photo and anyone who gets the part can just dye their hair red), Lohan announced her enthusiasm to play the lead role. In the captions, she writes that she's willing to sing for the role, having had a musical career in addition to her acting work.

Not content to stop there, Lohan also pitched her ideal director, co-star, and other conditions that people don't normally demand with these things. First off she'd like her sister, Ali Lohan, to sing the theme song; the younger Lohan has a musical career of her own. In addition, Lohan also proposed that Bill Condon should direct the movie. Condon directed Beauty and the Beast for Disney, so if that movie does well or if Disney liked working with him, this is actually a plausible choice. But then Lohan goes wide and recommends Kristen Graham, a CF regional athlete and trainer, to play Ursula, the tentacled villain. From what we can tell, Graham has no acting experience, so maybe Lohan isn't being too serious on that one.

Lindsay Lohan < Mean Girls

It's tough to tell just how genuine Lindsay Lohan is being here or if she's just joking (she had us right up until the end), but this would be very surprising if Disney ended up casting her. Lohan came on to the scene in 1998's The Parent Trap and then was launched to stardom in Mean Girls. Though she has appeared in small roles, her acting career has largely stalled over the past several years due to legal disputes and personal issues. Even though she does have a past relationship with the Mouse House, it's unlikely that Disney will bring her in for The Little Mermaid in a major capacity.

Look, we get it; Lindsay Lohan just wants to be where the people are, wants to see em' dancing, walking around on those -- what do call them? Oh, feet! And she's certainly entitled to throw her name out there, her eventual return to acting will likely be in something a little less giant.

The Little Mermaid is still in the earliest stages of development, with only Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken steering the ship at the moment. For any and all future updates, be sure to check back in with CinemaBlend.

Matt Wood

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