When it was recently announced that one of the all-time great science fiction movies, The Matrix, is being considered for a too-soon reboot from Warner Bros., the public went nuts. Many decried the ridiculousness of continuing to nip on a movie that cannot be made better, while many others supported the idea as a way of forcing the two lackluster Matrix sequels from everyone's memories. I'm kind of in both camps, but I also think that there's a perfect way to make everyone happy: turn this Matrix reboot into a TV show instead of a movie.

It shouldn't take much to convince anyone that a Matrix TV show is clearly the best way to go with this whole scenario, but we still have the reasons anyway. Find the comfiest armchair you can, along with whatever colored pills you'd prefer, and slo-mo limbo your way through our argument, while writing letters to Netflix, Starz, HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC and more to get into the ideas.

The Movies Don't Focus On The Matrix Enough

Not to take anything away from everything that happened on the Nebuchadnezzar and inside the REAL world of The Matrix franchise, but it's widely accepted that much of what made the first film an instant classic is how well the faux Matrix universe fits in with the overall story, and how bafflingly odd it can get at times. Because we're humans who live in this kind of world, the illusion of that reality is inherently more interesting to most of us than the CGI harshness of the Machines and the primal aesthetic of Zion.

The first film in particular hinted at just how widespread the insanity could get within the Matrix world, so long as there were some unplugged rebels around to mess with everyone else's perceived reality. Assuming a Matrix reboot would retain some or most of the same physics and story foundations, there are so many different characters and situations that stories could revolve around within this eternal version of 1999. And there would be no reason to needlessly ramp up the technology factor here, because again, it's 1999. Hand-held phones a-plenty!

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