The name of the game for TV studios is making money, and as the old (not at all entirely accurate) saying goes, "You've got to spend money to make money." Some networks and studios took that saying to the extremes, taking out metaphorical second mortgages and setting budget-pushing records in the process. Those money-oozing decisions seemingly paid out in most cases, though not so much in others.

Here are the 7 most expensive TV series in the 80+ years that the small screen medium has been putting out programming. Try not to have your bank statements and/or past due bills anywhere around while reading, and note that in some cases, the budget reported represents the years at peak costs, and not necessarily the cost for the entire run.

7. Sense8 - Netflix

Cost: $9 million an episode

Lana and Lilly Wachowski were known for spending oodles of money on feature film projects - Speed Racer costs $120 million, and none of it spent on actual speed - so it was no surprise that their first TV venture on the boundary-free Netflix was so very far from cinéma vérité. But unlike the mass amounts of CGI infused into the Wachowskis' Matrix films, Sense8 broke the bank because the production took place almost solely on location, with nine different world metros serving as the settings. The octo-narrative approach may not sit with everyone, but no one can deny how beautiful Sense8 is.

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