These days it seems as if every franchise eventually receives a reboot in some form or another. It doesn't matter if it's a horror movie, a comedy series, or a blockbuster action franchise; if a director can put a modern spin on the source material, you can rest easy knowing that a studio will find a way to pull it off. Opinions towards reboots vary, but one of the more exciting developments of the last few days is the announcement that Warner Bros. is currently looking into rebooting The Matrix franchise for a modern audience with Michael B. Jordan replacing Keanu Reeves as the series headliner.

Despite some adamant protests towards the possibility of rebooting a beloved franchise like The Matrix, we think there's some serious potential here. After all, it's worth remembering that the series did not end on a high note back in 2003. To help make sense of it all, we have compiled a list of reasons why a Matrix reboot could actually work. There's a wealth of material to talk about here, so let's (literally) start from the beginning and discuss the origins of the war between man and machine.

Explore The Origins Of The War

Oddly enough, The Matrix series is actually one of the few stories that are improved by a more fleshed out and less ambiguous backstory. The Animatrix -- a number of short films that tie into the main trilogy -- performed this duty brilliantly back in 2003 and expanded upon the foundation for the movies. What the movies don't show us, that The Animatrix does, is that the machines were a relatively peaceful group of individuals who wanted nothing more than equal rights and sovereignty. Prolonged hatred and discrimination from humans eventually escalated the war, to the point where the more warlike machines finally took control and subjected humankind to The Matrix. Changes like this to the existing continuity add so much more nuance to the source material, and it's the type of story element that a reboot would be wise to acknowledge and utilize in its narrative.

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