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When it comes to TV romances, few characters had a more tumultuous 2015 than Meredith Grey, whose marriage to Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd was cut short after his audience-enraging death. Meredith has done an admirable job of moving on without disrespecting their time together, but there's no reason a woman in her prime should remain a widow for the rest of her life. And she and longtime could-be-more Riggs will get an upcoming episode to possibly bring those downplayed feelings to light, as it's a standalone episode that's set entirely in a plane. According to Martin Henderson:

It was a fun episode to shoot, because it was the first time...that Nathan and Meredith were actually forced together. So they're forced to communicate, and then they also find they work together quite well. . . . They start to share details about their personal stories with one another.

Martin Henderson can beat around the bush all he wants, but it doesn't seem like a hard bet to make that something very interesting indeed will go down between Meredith and Riggs in the upcoming bottle episode, which is set to be directed by co-star Chandra Wilson. (The best time to step behind the camera is when you don't have to worry about being in front of it.) Sure, there are plenty of non-amorous things for two talented doctors to do on an airplane, such as sleep and perhaps help someone with their overhead luggage, but that wouldn't make for very good television. So somebody better keep the oxygen bags at the ready, because somebody's is getting breathless up in that plane.

Whenever Martin Henderson was brought into the drama-tastic world of Grey's Anatomy, it took the slightest of looks for fans to assume that his Nathan Riggs was being introduced as a post-McDreamy romantic foil for Meredith. But instead of pitting the characters together immediately, Grey's has chosen to play a long game with them, offering just enough charisma and flirtation to keep the drive alive, and enough that even the hypothetical conceit of Meredith and Alex hooking up was enough to cause social media implosions. Still, just because they're sharing personal details and realizing their capacity for compatibility doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to keep the plane restroom occupied for some sex above the clouds.

As Martin Henderson also told TV Guide, they're not guaranteed a good time. He uses the most awfully down-trodden way of making that point, though.

It takes place on an airplane, so we know with airplanes on Grey's Anatomy, it doesn't always end well.

With respect to creator Shonda Rhimes and her ability to craft stories that can't be predicted, I'm going to make the grand assumption that Meredith and Riggs' plan ride doesn't go down anything like that super-tragic plane crash from Season 8. But we'll have to wait until some point in April to see what will indeed happen.

With sparks hopefully flying more between Meredith and Riggs than anywhere inside the cockpit or the engine room, Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide to see what else will be flying into your living rooms in the coming months.

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