Watch The Full Love Actually Cast Make Age Jokes In New Video For TV Sequel

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It's been 14 years since Love Actually was released in theaters. It doesn't feel that long, but as we watch the cast of the 2003 film advertise their reunion for Red Nose Day, it's definitely clear that some time has passed. Who has aged the best is up for debate, though, so take a look at the video to see what the cast has to say (or sign) about it:

While no one looks obscenely old, I think it's incredibly unfair how Keira Knightley continues to remain untouched by time. Seriously, if this video were a real conversation about who looks the most unchanged from the film to now, she's the CGI-free winner. That said, a lot of the cast looks pretty good nearly 15 years after Love Actually became a rom-com mainstay, Rowan Atkinson included. I never thought I'd be saying Mr. Bean looks dashing in my writing career, but you have to admit the dude looks pretty good for 62!

The video is meant as a promotion for the Red Nose Day TV special which is set to air on BBC1 and NBC. The cast of Love Actually filmed a 10-minute mini sequel to air during the special, which is put on annually to benefit children in poverty. While the special airs overseas this Friday, it will re-air in the U.S. on May 25th. "That's all well and good," you may be saying to yourself, "But how exactly do children in poverty play into Love Actually?" Red Nose Day, a Comic Relief effort, was created by writer and director Richard Curtis, and it has been running since 1985.

While this video did suddenly remind me that a film I saw on a date once is now in its teen years, it also made me realize how much changes in a decade even beyond appearance. Who would've thought Andrew Lincoln would be the mega TV star he is now way back in 2003? Besides his appearance in this film, he was relatively unknown to an American audience prior to and even following Love Actually, as it wasn't until he became known as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead that he would get some real attention from audiences. On that note, I did get a little sad when I realized that Alan Rickman should be in this video, and wanted to watch Love Actually again just to see his scenes.

Even if you're a little upset there isn't going to be a full Love Actually sequel, take solace in knowing that you'll be able to see the cast unite during the Red Nose Day special! As mentioned previously, you can catch the first airing on BBC1 this Friday, or you can wait until May 25th and see it on NBC. Not feeling it? Don't worry, we have plenty of other options for you to check out on our midseason premiere guide and on our brand spanking new summer premiere guide.

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