Is Jaime Over Sleeping With His Sister On Game Of Thrones? Here's What We Know

Jaime comforting Cersei after Myrcella's death

It's almost hard to believe, but HBO's fantasy drama Game of Thrones will soon be finishing up its epic story. With just two (short) seasons left, the slow burn of the series has truly begun to pay off, as characters and settings finally intersect and interact. One of the plot lines that will likely come to a head is the bizarre and incestuous relationship between Jaime Lannister and his newly crowned twin Queen Cersei. The duo seem to have been drifting apart in recent seasons, especially after the death of their children, leading fans to anticipate an epic twin breakup. But will it actually happen?

Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has played Jaime in Game of Thrones since the very first episode. He recently spoke to The Daily Beast about his new film Small Crimes, and the upcoming final seasons of Game. During this conversation, he may have let slip some details about Jaime, including a possible non-Cersei love interest.

He's not like his sister and brother, but he's been on the battlefield his whole life, and knows about people's weaknesses and loving someone unconditionally---because he loves his sister unconditionally. Plus, there are no other suitors. Well, that's not true... but he has to step up and take his father's place. Wow, I was about to reveal something from Season 7 and thought, 'What am I doing?

Well this is certainly intriguing. For the first real time since in Game of Thrones' tenure, it looks like Jaime may have a romantic connection with someone other than his twin (how healthy of him!). And this may happen for a few reasons.

To start, it seems like Jaime and Cersei may have passed the point of no return. Cersei's ascension onto the Iron Throne came at a very high price. Because in addition to the destroying the majority of her enemies, she was also responsible for Tommen's suicide. We saw Jaime return to King's Landing just as Cersei took the throne, so its unclear how the finale's events will factor into their relationship.

And if Jaime is going to leave Cersei for anyone, it's probably going to be Brienne of Tarth. The two warriors developed an unlikely bond when Brienne transported him back to King's Landing at Catelyn's behest. They both shared their vulnerability to each other, and their attraction was palpable during and after the Purple Wedding. Plus, they briefly reunited last season at Riverrun, and worked together to resolve the conflict with minimal violence.

Brienne and Jaime seem to really bring out the best in each other, allowing themselves to open up and let someone else in. But with Brienne now working for Sansa and House Stark, finding a way for she and Jaime to reunite will be easier said than done. Plus, it looks like Tormund is thirsty for Brienne as well.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO this summer.

Corey Chichizola
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