Watch An Old Guy Derail A Local Weather Report With An Oral Sex Joke

Reporting on the weather doesn't sound like the most exciting job, but sometimes even the unexpected can happen. Weather may be predictable (it is a science after all) but people sure as hell aren't. One reporter was reminded of this as he interviewed an older gentleman on live TV about a recent storm that was tearing its way through his neighborhood. I can't speak for the reporter what he was expecting the man to say, but I'd wager it wasn't making a joke about how the storm giving his town oral sex. Check it out yourself (and watch the reporter's face):

Earlier today, Cyclone Debbie (not the most threatening storm name) landed in Australia, where thousands were forced to seek shelter as harsh winds ravaged the coastline. In an apparent lull in the action, a reporter who looks like he's dressed for the weather was interviewing a household of people just passing the time with a wholesome game of cards. The reporter asked one man, Kev, how he was holding up and their exchange clearly did not go as expected.

The chat began innocently enough, with the reporter asking Kev how he was faring while his town of Bowen was being hit with Cyclone Debbie. Kev turned things around pretty quickly by telling the reporter that Debbie is "giving Bowen a blowjob," and what happened next was a fairly epic sequence as the reporter moved away as fast as he could, clearly regretting what led him to that moment, and trying to change the subject. The reporter recovered enough to make a shaky joke about Bowen graffiti.

Now, the YouTube video cut before he could finish his joke and move viewers on to a new topic, but I imagine it was something like "have a look at something over there, anywhere but right here, please." For reference, Bowen is a town in Queensland, Australia where Debbie blew one hell of a It's unknown exactly if Debbie's blowjob is a good or bad thing with this limited context, but kudos to Kev, who will likely get to enjoy telling this story for many years to come.

Anything can happen on live TV! Even Saturday Night Live has a hard time keeping people from dropping f-bombs (looking at you, Kristen Stewart!). The reporter handled the spontaneous moment as best as anybody could, making this report far more memorable than it otherwise would have been.

The internet is full of goofy news hiccups and other weather-related gaffes. Some of the more memorable ones include: a kitten crashing a live news report; a reporter actually getting mugged during a broadcast; Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell getting to do his own weather report; a weather girl dropping Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice references like it's hot; and now, guy making oral sex joke on live news report.

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Matt Wood

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