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Babies and dogs are certainly adorable, but sometimes there's nothing more adorable than a rambunctious kitten---especially when that kitten is hijacking a live news report. That's exactly what happened this week when a Detroit news station happened to find a kitten who wanted a little bit of the limelight. Check out the world's cutest morning news segment, below.

WXYZ Channel 7 reporter Nima Shaffe was recently setting up for the morning news when he and photojournalist Andy Zaremba encountered a kitten they affectionately nicknamed 7 cat. There's some wonderful footage of Shaffe chasing the little cat around and some more footage of Shaffe joking about how the sheriff on hand for the shoot wanted to ticket the cat for loitering. I literally can't get enough of how adorable this cat is:

adorable kitten detroit

To be completely honest, I have no idea what this live news report was supposed to be about before the cat hit the scene. Nima Shaffe could have been shooting a segment on a hijacking or the upcoming election, for all we know about what he was supposed to be doing in Washtenaw County. We do know that the kitten was a huge hit on social media before the shoot, and it seems the network simply decided to scrap whatever they had planned for the morning in order to give us more footage of the adorable kitten.

After the newscast, the cat was picked up by the Humane Society of Huron Valley, which hopes to find the kitten a good home. I wish WXYZ could have kept its new mascot, but at least now the little kitty can find a wonderful home.

Weird stuff happens on the local news all of the time. Humans make weird mistakes and sometimes say awkward things on the camera. People trip and fall over and frequently do stupid stuff in the background of local news reports. One time, a news crew encountered a giant hulk statue in someone's backyard. Among all of this weirdness, sometimes truly adorable moments do happen. Such is the beauty of the local news. For more on the cute 7 cat, head here.

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