Watch A Teenage Simpsons Fan Lose His Mind Meeting The Voice Of Bart Simpson

Some live action TV stars are bound to be recognized whenever they go outside, but the folks who bring the Simpsons to life don't have the same problem. Voice actors aren't always recognizable, as one young man recently discovered when he ran into the woman who voices Bart from The Simpsons. A random attempt to sell snacks for his school turned into a meeting with Bart Simpson, and his reaction was pretty great. Take a look!

Young James just happened to ask a friendly-looking woman at the mall to support his school (and his attempt to win the top sales prize) without having any idea that she's famous on the voice acting circuit. Even hearing Nancy Cartwright bust out her best Bart Simpson didn't tip him off that she works on The Simpsons, and he clearly was at a loss about why she was channeling a cartoon character at random. His reaction when she finally introduced herself as the person who plays Bart was pretty much the most adorable thing that has ever come out of a snack sales pitch.

In James' defense, I don't think many of us would meet a woman who does a Bart Simpson voice and assume she's the person who really works on The Simpsons for Fox. In fact, if you're a Simpsons fan who has never paid close attention to the credits or done a cursory online search, it might never have occurred to you that a woman might be the voice actor. No wonder he needed some pretty heavy-handed hints that she was the real deal!

Kudos to Nancy Cartwright for thinking quickly and autographing a bookmark for James. His friends might have had a hard time believing that he randomly met the voice of Bart Simpson while selling tasty treats unless he had proof. Of course, forging a signature wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world if he was just trying to sell a story, but he didn't even need to.

Plus, now there's a video of the entire interaction online on Nancy Cartwright's own YouTube page. Something tells me the video might help James win the prize for selling the most boxes of snacks. I only wish I had a famous person helping me sell Girl Scout cookies back in the day. It was just nice that Cartwright was willing to out herself as a Simpsons star when she encountered a kid. All things considered, this is just a good, wholesome video (especially after watching that video about a weather-based oral sex joke) worth a re-watch or two.

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Laura Hurley
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